Sirasa Super Star Season 5 The Next Voice - Live Auditions - (Final 3) - Eliminations - 2013-05-25
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Sirasa Super Star Season 5 The Next Voice - Live Auditions - (Final 3) - Eliminations - 2013-05-25


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Topic: Sirasa Super Star Season 5 The Next Voice - Live Auditions Final 3) - Eliminations - 2013-05-25
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nirosha says...
Smile Dasun has a fantastic talent and unique style. So, Dasun is the super star. He sang really well with confidence. Also he is not imitating but he sings with his own voice.
30th May 2013 10:22am
Chanira Dulanjaya says...
ShockedI was shocked to hear that Dulaj Ashen missed the SSS S5 Grad Finale as Shihan said that You are the man to defeat all othes . Dulaj You Are The Real SuperStar.Mad
26th May 2013 12:44pm
Jagath & Kumuduka & Mary Hansi says...
Come onnn Cambrian BieberCool!!! Dasun... "Jayapan bonna dawasak dan lanwela."
"Kaurun monawa keewath tharuwak we aatha ahase... geeloke!"
"Tharuwak we babalannai sihina mauwe... geeloke!"

Dasun u r Shihan Aiya's ROCKSTAR, POPSTAR, SUPERSTAR, TOP MAXXAGrin... Shihan Aiya's HEROSmile!!! Keep ur hands ready Dasun, Season 5's trophy is urs! God will surely do dat.
26th May 2013 10:33am
Danny says...
Dasun wage sindu kiyaddi kusi feal eakak nathi aye (sunil perera athulu kattiye kuwa) isserahate eddi mewage talanet eaka thiyene kollek out une eake gane dukai.dupath kame nisa SMS nathi unate,Mame dakupu sperstars Dulaj Ashen
26th May 2013 7:02am
sacha says...
absolutely he is the man who will be the superstar.m really disaapointed with this result.he s not poor guy dulaj is a person who full of talents.we all r waiting 4 u r new things.dont do underestimate ur self.all ways we r with u malli.keep it up and god bless u.
26th May 2013 1:09pm
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Sirasa Super Star Season 5 - The Next Voice - 2013-05-26
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